Monthly Archives: July 2014

To get things started…

I have been thinking about it for a long time. Everyone has a blog these days so why not me? One reason against it is that I may not have much to say beyond what has been already said. However, I suspect this is also true for most of those who blog. But still, adding more rubbish to the pile of information that everyone with more ambitious goals in life that just more_money/better_car/better_house has to sift through every day would be a bit silly, wouldn’t it?

So I decided that this blog won’t be about

  1. politics
  2. babies
  3. cute puppies/kittens
  4. general science

but only about recent developments on the front line of knowledge, where the titans of science (me and my PhD students) fight every day to advance our* understanding of how physics affects biological processes such as cellular growth or biological evolution.

* = currently 4 people, but the purpose of this blog is to increase this number to at least 100.