About me


I am a researcher (supported by the Royal Society of Edinburgh) in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh.

My research interests span many areas of statistical and biological physics. I am particularly interested in microbial evolution and cancer. I have been working on how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics, how growth and migration affect genetic heterogeneity of tumours, the structure of fitness landscapes, and the growth of bacterial colonies.

My past research interests include random matrix theory, complex networks, and driven diffusive systems (zero-range process and related models).

In my research I use computer simulations and analytic calculations. I also do “wet” laboratory experiments with bacteria.

You can read more about my research following the links on top of this page.

Internship/Mphys Projects/PhD

If you are interested in an Mphys project under my supervision, please visit the Mphys Project webpage and follow the link to Mphys Project Descriptions for the list of available projects. If you would like to do a project that is not included in the booklet but is related to my research, please contact me.

If you are an Edinburgh undergraduate student interested in an internship under my supervision, please contact me to discuss possible projects and funding opportunities.

For PhD opportunities, please see this website, and this one. Available projects are listed here. If you would like to work with me on a different project (as long as it is not completely tangential to my research interests), please contact me.


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